University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle’s project comprises three broad foci:

1. National Audit of Pathways

A national desktop and telephone audit of available pathways for students from refugee backgrounds was conducted over 2015–16. The audit captures pathways and initiatives between VET, community, school and higher education sectors and is organised using the following themes: Access schemes; Preparation for study; Financial support; Networks and belonging – connectedness. The data from the audit is kindly hosted by the Refugee Council of Australia as a searchable database.

2. Longitudinal study

Students from refugee backgrounds initially studying as part of the Adult Migrant English Program and with a view to enter an enabling program at the University of Newcastle form the core of the research participants. We have followed these students since the latter half of 2014 through focus groups and individual interviews and tracked their experiences in, through and out of education as they navigate their lives in a new country.

3. Preparation for Preparation — curriculum and resources

The Preparation for Preparation curriculum and resources have been developed with a view to prepare students from refugee backgrounds to enter enabling and/or undergraduate programs. The curriculum has been implemented and mapped to the requisite outcomes in three contexts/funding streams: The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP); University-based short bridging program; and Skills for Education and Employment (SEE).